ADVANCE-ON: a new follow-up study

The primary aims of ADVANCE-ON are to define the long-term effects of both:
– routine blood pressure lowering with a fixed combination of perindopril-indapamide on death and major macrovascular events in the patients with type 2 diabetes who took part in ADVANCE, and
– intensive glucose control with gliclazide MR-based therapy (targeting an HbA1c ≤6.5%) compared with standard glucose control.
All surviving patients who took part in ADVANCE (11 140 high-risk patients from 213 active clinical centres in Australasia, Asia, Europe, and North America) will be invited to participate in follow-up for 5 years after their final ADVANCE study visit, in the setting of their usual care. Vital status and major clinical events will be documented at annual follow-up. The two primary outcomes will be death from any cause and major macrovascular events (nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal stroke, and cardiovascular death). The evidence provided by the ADVANCE-ON study, representing a contemporary cohort of patients with longstanding diabetes from around the world, will play a pivotal role in defining future clinical management for tens of millions of individuals with type 2 diabetes worldwide.